Kanatal , Uttrakhand

This is our first post on any place in Uttarakhand, which is also known as Devbhumi (Land of Gods). Kanatal is 78 kms from Dehradun and 318 kms from the capital, Delhi. This place is surrounded by beautiful Hills, forests and rivers with scenic beauty all around. And is also famous for the numerous camps made on Mussoorie hills.


I stayed in camp “Little Jaguar” that is also situated on Mussoorie Hills. They offer various packages for stay and camping inclusive of all meals. Camping includes various activities like Rock Climbing, Valley crossing. So it is recommended to go in groups so you can enjoy all this fun with scenic beauty. Also they do bonfire every night.

How to Pass time :

Chamba is 12 kms ahead of kanatal. So after spending one night at Kanatal camps, you can head to Chamba. Also a very famous temple “Surkunda Devi” from where you get 360 degree veiw of Hills. Just, you have to trek for 2km.

When to visit :

You can visit here between May to July. As after that it is too cold and rainy to visit.

PS : Do not forget to take warm clothes as days are pleasant here but nights get bit cold.









































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Barot, Himachal Pradesh

Today places like Shimla, Nainital, Manali are more like commercialized cities rather than hill stations. So, I am telling you about a place probably you have never heard of. In my experience, less you have heard about a place, more beautiful it is going to be. Plus being the explorers, we always love to explore new places!

So here it is.. Barot, Mandi district, Himachal Pradesh.

There are not many places or say spots to hangout there because this small village is itself a most scenic picnic spot you will ever see. From mountains, to rivers, to farms, its like a one beautiful painting on a big canvas. It is famous for its Dam reservoirs and river Uhl.

For people like me, who always crave for mountains and who treat them as their other home, trust me on this you are going to visit this place again and again.

You will not get any luxury hotel here as it a small valley but you will get decent places to stay. I stayed at the Negi’s Homestay. It cost us some 12,00 INR per night. And also they have their own restaurant with decent food.

PS : Barot is also famous for Trout fishes. if you are a fish lover, just give a heads up to restaurant owner and they will catch fresh Trout fishes for you and make you a delicious meal !

When to visit :

Best time to visit this place is March – June. Because after that it is going to be rainy and snowy. Also to escape from horrendous city’s summers, this is the perfect time to visit mountains.

How to pass your time :

Just step out of your hotel and move in any direction, take any trek or just sit by river Uhl. You have found what you came for 🙂

PS : you probably have heard about, “Leave only footsteps and take only memories”. Always carry an extra bag with you to throw your garbage and always carry a ash tray if you are a smoker. Lets not trash the nature please!


Picture 7 1160
Uhl River


Picture 7 1147
On a trek in Barot


Picture 7 1136
Towards Barot Dam


Picture 7 060
Surrounded by Dhauladhar ranges


Picture 7 1091
Barot Dam

Picture 7 1004


Picture 7 060

















2155 2181


Picture 7 018


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5 must have items in your travel kit during Monsoons

1. Mosquito repellant : monsoon calls not just for rain but mosquitoes too. So wherever you are going and no matter where you are staying always carry it with you.

2. Plastic bags that seals : yes, to save your precious gadgets and money it’s a must have .

3. Rain gears : well , if you are a traveling enthusiast and love to explore the place to core wherever you go, it’s a must must must have.

4. Waterproof shoes : so without these don’t even think of going out because without them either you have to come back to your room even if you don’t want to or if you manage to stay out you are going to have nice itchy sleepless night . I have this pair that I got from Decathlon store Noida. And they have served me as blessing in every season.

5. Books/ indoor games : these in case you lose all the hope of stepping outside your room because of heavy rainfall.

Do let me know if there is anything else that you think I am missing . Above all, be safe and happy traveling  🙂

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Lansdowne, Uttrakhand

This is our second post on any town of Uttarakhand after Kanatal. Lansdowne is the cantonment town of Pauri Garhwal.

How to reach :

Lansdowne can be reached either by road or train. If you wish to travel by train, nearest station is Kotdwar. We went by car and it took us near about 8 hours to reach there via NH58 and NH 119.

By Air: Jolly Grant Airport is the nearest Airport to Lansdowne situated at a distance of 148kms.

Where to stay :

There are very less number of hotels in Lansdowne and that too are not worth the tariff they offer. But one has to make a choice. We stayed at Shri Gobind Highway motel which is 10km before Lansdowne. This motel is owned by a family who cook fresh homemade food as per your order. The food and stay is pretty cheap. But be mindful that it is not a luxurious hotel and the expectations should match the price you pay. Basically, its kind of a home stay.

How to pass your time :

~ Bhulla Lake : This lake is maintained by Army. You can spend a restful evening here and also try boating in this small pond.

~ Enjoy the sunrise and sunsets : Here, sun rises and sunsets are like bliss if you are able to catch them. (Pictures are enough proof).

`~ Trek : We started trek in midst of the first forest we saw. It was just in front of our motel. We spent 3 hours roaming / sleeping / resting / walking in jungle and it was so silent !

FOOD : Wherever you eat, because you are in mountains, Pahaadi daal should be included in all your meals. In sweets, Baal Mithai is the most famous dessert along with chocolate barfi ! *sluurrrrp*

Best time to visit :

Visiting there between March to October is highly recommended otherwise its too cold to step outside.


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Ever wondered what are those colorful flags that we see hanging on Mountain peaks ? Well these are commonly known as Prayer flags. Traditionally, prayer flags are used to promote peace, compassion, strength, and wisdom. It is believed that prayers will be blown by the wind to spread the good will and benefiting all.

Colors, order in flag and their significance (L-R) :

Blue : Sky and space
White : Air and wind
Red : Fire
Green : Water
Yellow : Earth

Types of Prayer flags :

Lung ta – These are the horizontal ones and are tied with each other with a string joining their heads.

Darchor – These are large single rectangles attached to poles along their vertical edge.

History :

Prayer flags are based out of Tibet. They hung the flags over mountain passes and rivers to benefit all who would pass underneath. Over the 200 years Buddhist monks began to print mantras and symbols on the flags as blessings to be sent out to the world with each breeze. When Chinese invaded Tibet in 1959, they killed million of Tibetans and burned thousands of their monasteries and also burned their flags from the strings. During this period, 14th Dalai Lama along with other Tibetans left their homes and lived in exile. These prayer flags, since then, continue to remind the nation of people who were robbed and were forced to leave their own homes and also the tradition of sending out prayers continues.

So now every time you look at those flags you know that these are just not a decorative item for your house and vehicles but the symbols, mantras, prayers written on them actually carry a spiritual vibration.

Hope now we know its so much more than a pretty piece of cloth. Peace


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