Goat Village- The simple life of Bakrichaap

Its not about a beautiful property in the hills but the luxury of simple living with high thinking.

While my stay here, I realized how easy life can be if only we put our resources at the right place. The idea of making more of what we have from our natural surroundings and opportunities. The Goat Village is an inspiration for many villages and farmers, thanks to the initiative that supports successful sustainable agriculture.

The goat village is a concept of Bakrichaap people who believe in the five basic pillars of environmental conservation – earthly architecture, nutritious food, energy, water conservation and proper waste management. The Goat here is considered as the Mascot because of the Goat Farming and other Agro practices that provide a better livelihood to the locals.

The Goat Village is a 1:30-2hrs hike from base village Panchgani, Uttrakhand. The hike is easy and offers a scenic view of the valley and snow covered peaks on the other side.

Each room is equipped with a double bed plus a window-side sitting area overlooking the mountains, which turned out to be my corner in the room. The place is powered by solar energy, there is no electricity in the rooms but you will be provided with lamps and candles. For charging, one can use the common area plug points. An array of activities can be enjoyed on the surroundings, you can take a village tour, hike to Nag Tibba and ahead to Jhandi or just play the traditional games like gilli-danda, lagori, spinning tops and flying kites in the ground.

Mahesh is a warm host and takes care of guest’s comfort and convenience. He is an enthusiast part of the Green People community that supports Agro-tourism movemement with a self-sustained village. You can get in touch with Mahesh before planning your visit, as he can help with the weather and route details.

Take a break from your busy life to tread a winding path along a farmland, breath in the fresh air, soak in some sunlight and let the silence enlighten your mind. It is a place you shouldn’t commercialize but let un-commercialize you. Bring yourself back to simple living because offline is the new luxury.







































For more details about this place, follow link: http://www.thegoatvillage.com/ or inbox us at  travelbugbytesindia@gmail.com for queries.

For some exceptional travel photography: You can follow Nitish Waila,  on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/mtn.nw/?fref=ts and Instagram https://www.instagram.com/nitishwaila/








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VH1 Supersonic 2017- The LEGEND-ARY experience.

For Music lovers all across the country, VH1 Supersonic brings together the music that will change your life. You will not be the same self again, and you will know how it helped you evolve and see things differently. My first Supersonic was in Goa, 2013. It was THE DAY I heard Above&Beyond live. How to explain.. It’s like falling into the black hole, the more you fall the more you know you are in there. And it’s a whole new world of beats, rhythm, melody and lyrics. It’s amazing how it talks to you without words and gestures.

Vh1 Supersonic 2017 came up with everything we could have asked. The artist line-up made it hard for us to decide, we couldn’t actually.. so we had to stage hog to not miss on anything. It was 3 days of Mad world.

The 3 day line-up had more than 40 artists play in a row. From Sonic Realm to Spectrum to Labortoire, the array of energy people shared for the love of music was unbelievable. There was alternative sub-genres of the sound like Techno, Bass, Trance and Future House, all at one place.

Eric Prydz was the first reason we were there. The reason we lied in our office, saved money and flew to Pune. It was not by chance but an effort we all made. Worth it? One of the rarest best decisions I have made in my life. Rightly said “It will transform the way you listen to and understand  dance music”.

From all dance music followers, we owe it big time to Nikhil and Pearl. They have introduced new dimensions of music to India. Thank you for all positive energy.


Here is glimpse of my personal favourite 5 sets:

  1. Eric Prydz


2. Joris Voorn


3. Secret Cinema


4. Pearl


5. Boris Brejcha


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Puducherry Pleasure

It’s a place that can take you back in time where there is no rush in life, where people still sit and share a chat at 12pm, where bicycles are one of the main mode of communication even now. Pondicherry is placed on the east coast of India and has 4 beautiful beaches Promenade Beach, Auroville Beach, Serenity Beach and Paradise Beach.

It is a place to watch sunrise, relax, detox,  read/write. Or put on your headphones, play your favourite playlist and roam around on the charming French quarter streets, because nobody cares.

Puducherry holds alot of history with Dutch, Portuguese, British and French colonialists, which makes it a contrast of different cultures and architect. There are a number of old and large churches in Puducherry, most of which were built in the 18th and 19th centuries. Puducherry is also known for its eateries that cover a wide variety of cuisines. The BEST, and I mean it when I say it, THE BEST SEA FOOD.

Puducherry is a weekend getaway destination for major cities around like Chennai. It has vast option of places to stay, eat and chill. I will share the places I visited on my weekend in Puducherry and few things I missed on but you must try to go for.

Where I stayed:

The Promenade, is located on the Promenade street which is like the Marine Drive of Mumbai. It has a seascape view so you can watch the sunrise every morning in the comfort of your bed. It has a touch of French architect and a small pool for leisure. The Hotel consists of 3 restaurants:

  1. BlueLine:The 24 hour restaurant, overlooking the sea, serves Indian, Oriental & Continental cuisine as lavish buffets or a la carte.
  2. Risque:Relaxed leather seating and contemporary music make this sea facing lounge bar a great place to laze. There is an amazing range of exotic cocktails, international wines, draught beer, mocktails and exclusive blends of coffee to serve your mood.
  3. Bay of Buddha,Lighthouse:Serves Pan-Asian cuisine paired with stunning ocean views and the town’s ancient (and now unused) lighthouse to give you a table setting that’s unforgettable. Open for dinner only.

Places to eat and chill:

  1. Baker Street: Bakery with flavoursome desserts, pain au chocolat, baguettes and quiches.
  2. Cafe des arts: Really really cool place to chill with very reasonably priced menu. Must try crepes and waffles.
  3. Le Dupleix: Candle light dinner kind of place with French vintage charm.
  4. La Villa: Garden sitting, serves exquisite fish
  5. Villa Shanti: For a North Indian lunch treat
  6. Cafe Xtasi and Tanto: PIZZAAAAAAA!!



  1. Wake Up Pondy Cycle Tour: Roam around on the streets on Pondicherry in hand-painted vintage bicycles, an initiative by Sita Culture Center http://www.pondicherry-arts.com/en/
  2. Water Sports and Scuba Divivng with Temple Adventures http://www.templeadventures.com



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Western Ghats- 9 facts we didn’t know.

The mountains of the Western Ghats are no snow-peaked Himalayas. But what they lack in height they make up for in biodiversity, harboring an impressive array of India’s wildlife.

  1. The Ghats are older than the Himalayas.


  1. Anaimudi (2695 m), is the highest peak of the Western Ghats, which is situated in Eravikulam National Park, Kerala.


  1. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is one of the eight “hottest hot-spots” of biological diversity in the world. It is sometimes called the Great Escarpment of India.


  1. It has over 7,402 species of flowering plants,1814 species of non-flowering plants, 139 mammal species, 508 bird species, 179 amphibian species, 6000 insects species and 290 freshwater fish species; it is likely that many undiscovered species live in the Western Ghats.


  1. At least 325 globally threatened species occur in the Western Ghats


  1. The Western Ghats are the main reason for the monsoon in the western coast of India and they receive a heavy amount of rainfall for more than half a year and these rainfall give birth to many famous rivers and waterfalls like river Kaveri, Periyar, Tungabhadra, Jog falls, Dudhsagar falls etc. These rivers alone combines drain to 40% of India alone.


  1. The South Western Ghats montane rain forests are the most species-rich ecologic region in peninsular India; eighty percent of the flowering plant species of the entire Western Ghats range are found in this ecologic region.


  1. The dense forests of western ghats contribute to the precipitation of the area by acting as a substrate for condensation of moist rising orographic winds from the sea, and releasing much of the moisture back into the air via transpiration, allowing it to later condense and fall again as rain.


  1. Silent Valey in Kerala is among the last tracts of virgin tropical evergreen forest in India.


Facts picked from wikipedia and wwf.


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Avalon, Kanatal- AirBnb Property Review

Kanatal is a small, less-commercialized hill station in Uttrakhand. It is 38kms ahead of Mussorie, and has decently broad roads for a drive-way. It is majorly know for a temple, dedicated to Sati Ji. As per our mythology, Kanatal is where Shankar Ji brought the dead body on his trishul from Haridwar. Located at a height of 9995 feet, you get a 360-degree view from the top of the temple. One has to trek 2 km on foot to the little temple.

When I was doing my Pre-Trip Research on this place, I came across an AirBnb property called the Avalon that took my heart at the first look itself. It is a Nature Lover’s Dream with old world’s charm and a very sweetly preserved decor. It is where the skies seem a brighter blue and the mountain views are almost surreal in their majesty. The log cabin–style house that occupied the site is actually a summer house of a family that mostly stays abroad. The owners have little souvenir, antiques, toys and family pictures all around the place. It will not only make you feel like home but would also make you feel like a part of everything around. The house has wide spread lawn and a deck offering panoramic vistas across the valley to the Mussorie Mountains and beyond. The home certainly has its showstopping moments, for us it was when we saw the sun rise from our room window. Looking at the house very carefully, it has a discerning approach to texture and color and sophisticated vintage and contemporary pairings aligned perfectly with their own sensibilities. It offers two twin-sharing bedrooms on the first floor with attached washrooms. The ground floor has living area with dining table and a double bed. The house is good enough to accommodate 6-7 people.

From the property you can walk almost 2kms and reach the forest area. Kanatal has a deep forest of oaks, and the walk in between will revitalize your mind that is always running otherwise. We took the forest walk from Club Mahindra till almost 3kms inside the forest area. You can find few picnic spots where you can relax for a while and cherish the sunset.


Please write to us at travelbugbytesindia@gmail.com if you like our stories, it means alot.





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Kanatal , Uttrakhand

This is our first post on any place in Uttarakhand, which is also known as Devbhumi (Land of Gods). Kanatal is 78 kms from Dehradun and 318 kms from the capital, Delhi. This place is surrounded by beautiful Hills, forests and rivers with scenic beauty all around. And is also famous for the numerous camps made on Mussoorie hills.


I stayed in camp “Little Jaguar” that is also situated on Mussoorie Hills. They offer various packages for stay and camping inclusive of all meals. Camping includes various activities like Rock Climbing, Valley crossing. So it is recommended to go in groups so you can enjoy all this fun with scenic beauty. Also they do bonfire every night.

How to Pass time :

Chamba is 12 kms ahead of kanatal. So after spending one night at Kanatal camps, you can head to Chamba. Also a very famous temple “Surkunda Devi” from where you get 360 degree veiw of Hills. Just, you have to trek for 2km.

When to visit :

You can visit here between May to July. As after that it is too cold and rainy to visit.

PS : Do not forget to take warm clothes as days are pleasant here but nights get bit cold.









































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Neemrana Fort Palace

Neemrana fort palace offers a vibrant site for magical weekend getaways, feasts, celebrations, and is also an amazing option for the trending destination weddings.

This 15th century heritage hotel is among the most popular resorts near delhi for weekend breaks and is ideal to invent your own past at the dream site of history. Seven palace wings built over 14 layers tiered into a hill across 2.5 hectares/ 6 acres of garden-palace, make Neemrana Fort-Palace one of the most unique resorts near Delhi ! Hanging gardens, two pools to swim out to the horizon, an Ayurvedic spa, and India’s first zip-line is what the world comes to experience ! One stay here will get you started on the discovery of the best resorts near Delhi!

Neemrana Palace offers Double sharing rooms starting from Rs. 7k to huge Vilas upto Rs. 35k.
Donot miss on the Gala Dinner, as it was one of our best experience of royal candle light dinner. It will cost you an extra 1000 bucks per person, and will be worth every penny.

How to reach?
– Neemrana is a 2hrs drive from Delhi on the way to Jaipur. The roads are well connected.

*Did you know?
The song “kehna he kya” from DilSe was shot here.


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5 quick facts about Kanchenjunga (Sikkim):

1. It is the third highest mountain in the world, with an elevation of 8,586 m (28,169 ft).

2. Kanchenjunga is the second highest mountain in Nepal after Mount Everest. And the highest mountain in India.

3. It is called Five Treasures of Snow after its five high peaks. The treasures represent the five repositories of God, which are gold, silver, gems, food grain, and religious texts.

4. Some of the most famous views of Kangchenjunga are from the hill station of Darjeeling and Antu Dada of Illam, Nepal. The Darjeeling War Memorial is among the most visited places from which Kangchenjunga is observed. On a clear day it presents an image not so much of a mountain but of a white wall hanging from the sky.

5. The area around Kangchenjunga is said to be home to the “Kangchenjunga Demon”, a type of yeti or rakshasa. A British geological expedition in 1925 spotted a bipedal creature which they asked the locals about, who referred to it as the “Kangchenjunga Demon”


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5 things to do in Jaipur:

1. Amber Fort & Palace: Just act like a tourist and take an elephant ride, it will be much more fun. You can also catch the evening sound & light show.

2. City Palace: Perfect for your trip photoshoot with huge courtyard and gardens.

3. Hawa Mahal: You have to see this if you are in the pink city, astonishing architect.

4. Nahargarh Fort: From here you can overview the whole city at once, and can spend a beautiful evening in the fort cafeteria.

5. Hot Air Balloon: Last but most exciting. Yes, you can too experience the hot air balloon here in India. The excitement of flying over palaces, forts and lakes during the balloon safari in Jaipur is quite special.
For more details you can see: Skywaltz, Balloon Club of India and India International Hot Air Balloon.

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