Things to do in Hampi !

What to do in Hampi?

1. Rent a two-wheeler at dirt cheap price! A scooty costs you INR. 200/- a day, if you bargain right. There are mopeds and bicycles too. Go for bicycles only if you are fit enough to endure the slopes and treacherous roads of Hampi. Mopeds are the favorite among many foreigners. Petrol is sold in many shops in plastic bottles and costs INR 90/- per liter.


2. Meet/interact with locals and other co-travellers. During my journey through Hampi, I was fortunate to come across many interesting and warm-hearted people, and I am going to carry many meaningful conversations ahead in my life. Don’t be shy to smile and say hello.


3. Do give the local cuisine and fresh fruits a try. My favorite was the Veg Thali along with Papaya or Watermelon juice.

4. Immerse in nature – Find a tree to sit under, chase the Sun, watch its reflection in a lake and gaze at the infinite stars and constellations dancing above the boulders. Hampi is a visual treat for the soul.



5. Temples – I witnessed my History books come to life. From genius architecture to intricate carvings and detailed labor, the majestic temples of Hampi have stood through the ages and still provide answers that all of us have craved.

Temples of Hampi include – Vittala (dedicated to Lord Vishnu), Virupaksha (commemorated in the worship of Lord Shiva), Aengundi (Hanuman temple), Laxmi Narasimha, Hazara Rama, and Krishna.

6. Watch the sunset and sunrise, every day.



7. Lakes of Hampi – Find a nice, clean and still lake around and jump! Some lakes are believed to have crocodiles. I am joking. Or Am I?



8. Get lost in the wilderness. Escape. Explore. Experience. Chill. Do it all while you are here.




Also read, Hampi – the mystical city of ruins.

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Christmas in Shimla <3

We all have been to Shimla, and we all have our memories of a family summer vacation  or a quick road trip with friends. Even if it has become one of the most commercialized hill station,  I have always felt attached to Shimla.

Tired of Delhi playing Smogy and not so cold, I decided to take a day off and visit Shimla on the Christmas weekend. Christmas in Shimla is always fun, because of the carnival going on and festive feel everywhere. And with some great luck in life, Shimla received the most unexpected snowfall on Christmas morning.

Am I kidding?? Nope. Check these beautiful pictures of Shimla during Christmas.

London is just over-rated.






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Escaping into Ganges ~ Rishikesh

Rishikesh is like that destination that comes first in our mind when we talk about a two day road trip near Delhi! And why not? Its just 230km away and takes only 6 to 7 hours to reach there.

‘I’m chronicling my road trip adventure for CEAT Tyres  in association with BlogAdda‘.

Also, CEAT Tyres are well suited for these roads.

I have been to Rishikesh like 5 times and i won’t mind traveling there again for escaping into calmness, away from city rush. And the fact that its just so convenient to reach there, by your own 4 wheeler or 2 wheeler or take any local bus or volvo!



Mount Valley Mama’s cottage has been my favorite ever since I stayed at this place 2 years back! It is low priced with furnished lovely rooms.


As it is a holy place it stays crowded on all the major festivals like Shivratri, Mahashivratri, kumbh, etc. But you can visit this place any time of the year for different experiences.


Explore this place as much as you can as it is not a huge place. you will get numerous cafes here facing Ganga. I spent three days alone roaming in cafes and not for a moment i felt bore.

~ visit 60’s Delmar Cafe. This cafe opened after “The Beatles” left this country. So as a memory of them staying in India this cafe was opened and they play rock and roll music everyday. Food here is all Veg and super delicious!

~ find your spot and Sit by the Ganges for as long as you want to.

~ Rafting 

~ Cafe The Office It is in the Ram jhula market of Rishikesh, though its not a big cafe but you get delicious fruitsamosas here!

~Raasta Cafe, Nirvana cafe, and other numerous cafes in Tapovan

~ Visit Neelkanth as it just takes some 1-2 hours to reach there and you can return same day to your cottage!

~ Trek to Neergarh waterfall.

Enjoy the pictures 🙂


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Road trip to Palampur !

If at all you are planning to visit Kasol, McLeodganj or any other destination like this again, here I am giving you all the reasons to change the plan and explore something new!

About Palampur :

Palampur is a small green hill station in Kangra Valley and is beautiful as anything!It is surrounded by tea gardens and pine forests that merge with Dhauladhar ranges. One of the main reason I loved it to my core because of the resort we stayed in! It was a small village in itself with waterfalls, river , trees ! I will write about it in details later on.

How to reach :

By road : We went by our own car and it took us about 10 hours to reach there! The way upto Palampur is smooth so we had no difficulties. It is 486 kms from Delhi.

Also, there are numerous buses that you can find of HRTC.

By Train : Palampur has its own Railway Station named as Palampur Railway Station which is connected to the major cities of Himachal Pradesh. It is is linked with the cities like Pathankot, Kangra and Palampur.

By Air : The nearest Domestic Airport is Dharamsala Kangra Airport, Gaggal, roughly one hour drive from Palampur.

 Places to Stay :

Palampur has beautiful villas if you would like to stay in private! You can get them booked in advance. One of them that we checked out was Noor villa. We couldn’t get any room here as it was booked. But we loved it and hope to stay there on our next visit. You can search for  other properties , just get them booked in advance.

Himachal Heritage Village :

This is the place I was talking about! We stayed at this beautiful place. It is in village Thalla, near Power Project. It has four houses with UNA, Kangra, Barot and Khaniara style. We stayed in Kangra Hut. And it was beautiful hut with three rooms. Two on ground floor, and one on first floor.

Here is the link to know more about this place and rooms,

Best time to visit this place :

September to June.

Places to visit :

  • Chamunda Devi temple : Temple is dedicated to Goddess Durga. The walls of the temple are decorated and painted with scenes from the Mahabharata and Ramayana.
  • Baijnath Temple : It is dedicated to Lord Shiva and was founded by local merchants named Manyuka and Ahuka in 1204 A.D. The structure of this temple reveals about Nagara style of temples.
  • Tea Gardens : It is widely referred as ‘Tea Capital of Northwest India’. Tea of this area is very famous and is available in the market with different names like Bageshwari, Darbari and Bahar.
  • Kangra Fort : Also known as the “Nagar Kot”. It is presently preserved by Archaeological department.
  • Uttrala : It is a small village with beautiful drive that you will fall in love with just the trek!


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Avalon, Kanatal- AirBnb Property Review

Kanatal is a small, less-commercialized hill station in Uttrakhand. It is 38kms ahead of Mussorie, and has decently broad roads for a drive-way. It is majorly know for a temple, dedicated to Sati Ji. As per our mythology, Kanatal is where Shankar Ji brought the dead body on his trishul from Haridwar. Located at a height of 9995 feet, you get a 360-degree view from the top of the temple. One has to trek 2 km on foot to the little temple.

When I was doing my Pre-Trip Research on this place, I came across an AirBnb property called the Avalon that took my heart at the first look itself. It is a Nature Lover’s Dream with old world’s charm and a very sweetly preserved decor. It is where the skies seem a brighter blue and the mountain views are almost surreal in their majesty. The log cabin–style house that occupied the site is actually a summer house of a family that mostly stays abroad. The owners have little souvenir, antiques, toys and family pictures all around the place. It will not only make you feel like home but would also make you feel like a part of everything around. The house has wide spread lawn and a deck offering panoramic vistas across the valley to the Mussorie Mountains and beyond. The home certainly has its showstopping moments, for us it was when we saw the sun rise from our room window. Looking at the house very carefully, it has a discerning approach to texture and color and sophisticated vintage and contemporary pairings aligned perfectly with their own sensibilities. It offers two twin-sharing bedrooms on the first floor with attached washrooms. The ground floor has living area with dining table and a double bed. The house is good enough to accommodate 6-7 people.

From the property you can walk almost 2kms and reach the forest area. Kanatal has a deep forest of oaks, and the walk in between will revitalize your mind that is always running otherwise. We took the forest walk from Club Mahindra till almost 3kms inside the forest area. You can find few picnic spots where you can relax for a while and cherish the sunset.


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Kanatal , Uttrakhand

This is our first post on any place in Uttarakhand, which is also known as Devbhumi (Land of Gods). Kanatal is 78 kms from Dehradun and 318 kms from the capital, Delhi. This place is surrounded by beautiful Hills, forests and rivers with scenic beauty all around. And is also famous for the numerous camps made on Mussoorie hills.


I stayed in camp “Little Jaguar” that is also situated on Mussoorie Hills. They offer various packages for stay and camping inclusive of all meals. Camping includes various activities like Rock Climbing, Valley crossing. So it is recommended to go in groups so you can enjoy all this fun with scenic beauty. Also they do bonfire every night.

How to Pass time :

Chamba is 12 kms ahead of kanatal. So after spending one night at Kanatal camps, you can head to Chamba. Also a very famous temple “Surkunda Devi” from where you get 360 degree veiw of Hills. Just, you have to trek for 2km.

When to visit :

You can visit here between May to July. As after that it is too cold and rainy to visit.

PS : Do not forget to take warm clothes as days are pleasant here but nights get bit cold.









































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Barot, Himachal Pradesh

Today places like Shimla, Nainital, Manali are more like commercialized cities rather than hill stations. So, I am telling you about a place probably you have never heard of. In my experience, less you have heard about a place, more beautiful it is going to be. Plus being the explorers, we always love to explore new places!

So here it is.. Barot, Mandi district, Himachal Pradesh.

There are not many places or say spots to hangout there because this small village is itself a most scenic picnic spot you will ever see. From mountains, to rivers, to farms, its like a one beautiful painting on a big canvas. It is famous for its Dam reservoirs and river Uhl.

For people like me, who always crave for mountains and who treat them as their other home, trust me on this you are going to visit this place again and again.

You will not get any luxury hotel here as it a small valley but you will get decent places to stay. I stayed at the Negi’s Homestay. It cost us some 12,00 INR per night. And also they have their own restaurant with decent food.

PS : Barot is also famous for Trout fishes. if you are a fish lover, just give a heads up to restaurant owner and they will catch fresh Trout fishes for you and make you a delicious meal !

When to visit :

Best time to visit this place is March – June. Because after that it is going to be rainy and snowy. Also to escape from horrendous city’s summers, this is the perfect time to visit mountains.

How to pass your time :

Just step out of your hotel and move in any direction, take any trek or just sit by river Uhl. You have found what you came for 🙂

PS : you probably have heard about, “Leave only footsteps and take only memories”. Always carry an extra bag with you to throw your garbage and always carry a ash tray if you are a smoker. Lets not trash the nature please!


Picture 7 1160
Uhl River


Picture 7 1147
On a trek in Barot


Picture 7 1136
Towards Barot Dam


Picture 7 060
Surrounded by Dhauladhar ranges


Picture 7 1091
Barot Dam

Picture 7 1004


Picture 7 060

















2155 2181


Picture 7 018


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Lansdowne, Uttrakhand

This is our second post on any town of Uttarakhand after Kanatal. Lansdowne is the cantonment town of Pauri Garhwal.

How to reach :

Lansdowne can be reached either by road or train. If you wish to travel by train, nearest station is Kotdwar. We went by car and it took us near about 8 hours to reach there via NH58 and NH 119.

By Air: Jolly Grant Airport is the nearest Airport to Lansdowne situated at a distance of 148kms.

Where to stay :

There are very less number of hotels in Lansdowne and that too are not worth the tariff they offer. But one has to make a choice. We stayed at Shri Gobind Highway motel which is 10km before Lansdowne. This motel is owned by a family who cook fresh homemade food as per your order. The food and stay is pretty cheap. But be mindful that it is not a luxurious hotel and the expectations should match the price you pay. Basically, its kind of a home stay.

How to pass your time :

~ Bhulla Lake : This lake is maintained by Army. You can spend a restful evening here and also try boating in this small pond.

~ Enjoy the sunrise and sunsets : Here, sun rises and sunsets are like bliss if you are able to catch them. (Pictures are enough proof).

`~ Trek : We started trek in midst of the first forest we saw. It was just in front of our motel. We spent 3 hours roaming / sleeping / resting / walking in jungle and it was so silent !

FOOD : Wherever you eat, because you are in mountains, Pahaadi daal should be included in all your meals. In sweets, Baal Mithai is the most famous dessert along with chocolate barfi ! *sluurrrrp*

Best time to visit :

Visiting there between March to October is highly recommended otherwise its too cold to step outside.


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