The Eyes of Intimacy

Lustful prying eyes, a belly full of Gluttony,

Greed full acquisitiveness, an uninterrupted Laziness,
woefully wreathing waves of Wrath,
a bout of overwhelming Envy, dripping drops of self-pity
off the inordinate Self-Pride –

The seven detestable sins –
Well, that we all have to dwell.

But, who are you to judge me now?
And you do set the controls for me, but how?

We are what we make of our selves,
to be or not to be – willfulness desire to set free
of those silently preached sinful decrees, by
opening the palms of introspection, and I
once for all, see my own reflection,
from the realm of my inner eyes.

So, like the newly born soul, I walk
once again, unburdened with my head held high.
Surrounded by mirrors of Self-introspection,
and watchful eyes that seldom stalk
my actions – for I am a reflection
of my own thoughts – pure or evil are purely subjective.

Once again, within the cusp of my hands, I hold my face
while the inner eyes reveal to me the divine grace –
for I feel light weighed and free from all sin!
And the eyes of intimacy now instruct me to breathe-in and relax,
for the clairvoyant ceremony is about to begin. .

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