7 things you must carry while trekking:

1. Water & Food: Take a personal water bottle to avoid dehydration. Keep high on energy food, like Energy Chocolate Bars or Glucose Biscuits.

2. Clothing: While trekking the temperature may go up and down a lot of times in a day, so carry some extra clothes to keep you warm.

3. First Aid: A must carry with medicines for common injuries and illnesses. Scissors, cotton gauze, anti-septic cream, Sun blocks, cold creams, sun glasses and tissues must be included in the kit.

4. Torch with spare batteries: Usually the weather is unpredictable in trekking expeditions, so if it becomes dark and visibility diminishes, these devices come to rescue.

5. Insect Repellent and Sanitiser: Insects can be a terror while trekking and who likes germs.

6. Swiss Knife: A swiss knife or a simple small kit carrying matchbox, scissors, knife, tweezer, blade, a small rope etc.

7. Don’t forget your ID cards and enough cash

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