Do not let Hills turn into garbage pit !

Who doesn’t love to travel? If given half a chance of receiving a salary even when you travel, half of us will pack our bags and just leave!  Hence, we have to make sure that the hills we call our home are clean, trash free and look as beautiful as your own home does !

No matter where you go, you see cigarette buds, chips wrappers, chocolate wrappers, perfect rolls thrown everywhere. As a fellow traveler, one thing you never want to face is garbage trash, so why would you keep on throwing these small things that will eventually become a garbage pit in no time.

Last year I visited Mukteshwar. There is a very famous place called ‘Chauli ki jali’. This place is so beautiful that people from far away places come just to catch a glimpse of the sunset and sunrise from this place. Just see for yourself!







Pictures don’t do justice to this place !

But as obvious as it gets, more people means more garbage and more trash. And, if you really want to see the place clean, do not rely on anyone else but yourself. With this magnificent view as a backdrop, I could see all the waste on ground and people trying to adjust their cameras so that the garbage below doesn’t show up in their pictures. Turning your eyes away is the easiest job. Doing something about it makes all the difference.

So I started picking up the waste around me and started collecting it in a bag. Looking at me most of the people who came there started picking up the waste around them and this beautiful place was cleaned in a few hours. Did we get anything in return? No. Did we post about the “good deed”? No. Today i stumbled across these pictures that my friend clicked during that time to make fun of me.

We all did our part in keeping it clean so when people will see a pristine place without any trash, they will not throw any trash, this is as simple as it gets.

So do your part, do not litter, do not allow people to litter! And no one is going to clean that place you “think” should be clean, just start doing it. For yourself. For the hills!!

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  1. It is amazing to see that someone cares!! <3

    1. Himani Chhabra says: Reply

      So many of us do! be a part of us <3

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