My Travel playlist !

Obviously we all carry arrangements for music whenever we travel! We all have playlists whenever it comes to “only travel”. So here is my playlist! Please tell your favorites too in the comments below!

  1. Follow the Sun :  This one is absolute favorite! Honestly i don’t even know any other song by Xavier Rudd .


2. Society : I am sure this one is in everyone’s playlist. This makes you realize how far you have come from where you feel stucked every time! This whole album “Into the wild” is gem by Eddie Vedder.


3. Turn the page : If you like Metallica, you must love this song! Here I am on the road again.. there I go turn the page 🙂


4. Highway to Hell : I used to play this song everyday while going to college! LOL. This is an absolute favorite when you have your squad and you scream the guts out on HIGHWAY TO HELL part!


5. Paradise City : Oh! This was the era when Alex Rose and slash used to come up with real dope music. This one is absolute favorite by Guns n Roses!


6. Sweet home Alabama : There is something with this song that goes with road! You hit the road, play this song and you want to repeat it again!


7.  Take me home country road : This one is absolute gem by John Denver! the feels are different with this one.


8. Ramble On : You know you can rock with Zep songs anywhere everywhere!


9. Let her go : I have not met anyone yet you who doesn’t like this song! Such feels and beautiful music and lyrics.. well.


10. Fast cars : One of the best by Tracy Chapman. Such beautiful lyrics and the endless road 🙂


Share your playlists or your favorite numbers with us so we can update our playlists 🙂 Cheers.

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