Barot, Himachal Pradesh

Today places like Shimla, Nainital, Manali are more like commercialized cities rather than hill stations. So, I am telling you about a place probably you have never heard of. In my experience, less you have heard about a place, more beautiful it is going to be. Plus being the explorers, we always love to explore new places!

So here it is.. Barot, Mandi district, Himachal Pradesh.

There are not many places or say spots to hangout there because this small village is itself a most scenic picnic spot you will ever see. From mountains, to rivers, to farms, its like a one beautiful painting on a big canvas. It is famous for its Dam reservoirs and river Uhl.

For people like me, who always crave for mountains and who treat them as their other home, trust me on this you are going to visit this place again and again.

You will not get any luxury hotel here as it a small valley but you will get decent places to stay. I stayed at the Negiโ€™s Homestay. It cost us some 12,00 INR per night. And also they have their own restaurant with decent food.

PS : Barot is also famous for Trout fishes. if you are a fish lover, just give a heads up to restaurant owner and they will catch fresh Trout fishes for you and make you a delicious meal !

When to visit :

Best time to visit this place is March – June. Because after that it is going to be rainy and snowy. Also to escape from horrendous city’s summers, this is the perfect time to visit mountains.

How to pass your time :

Just step out of your hotel and move in any direction, take any trek or just sit by river Uhl. You have found what you came for ๐Ÿ™‚

PS : you probably have heard about, “Leave only footsteps and take only memories”. Always carry an extra bag with you to throw your garbage and always carry a ash tray if you are a smoker. Lets not trash the nature please!


Picture 7 1160
Uhl River


Picture 7 1147
On a trek in Barot


Picture 7 1136
Towards Barot Dam


Picture 7 060
Surrounded by Dhauladhar ranges


Picture 7 1091
Barot Dam

Picture 7 1004


Picture 7 060

















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  1. It’s beautiful.pls keep me posted of places like these.

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      yes ๐Ÿ™‚

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