Escaping into Ganges ~ Rishikesh

Rishikesh is like that destination that comes first in our mind when we talk about a two day road trip near Delhi! And why not? Its just 230km away and takes only 6 to 7 hours to reach there.

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I have been to Rishikesh like 5 times and i won’t mind traveling there again for escaping into calmness, away from city rush. And the fact that its just so convenient to reach there, by your own 4 wheeler or 2 wheeler or take any local bus or volvo!



Mount Valley Mama’s cottage has been my favorite ever since I stayed at this place 2 years back! It is low priced with furnished lovely rooms.


As it is a holy place it stays crowded on all the major festivals like Shivratri, Mahashivratri, kumbh, etc. But you can visit this place any time of the year for different experiences.


Explore this place as much as you can as it is not a huge place. you will get numerous cafes here facing Ganga. I spent three days alone roaming in cafes and not for a moment i felt bore.

~ visit 60’s Delmar Cafe. This cafe opened after “The Beatles” left this country. So as a memory of them staying in India this cafe was opened and they play rock and roll music everyday. Food here is all Veg and super delicious!

~ find your spot and Sit by the Ganges for as long as you want to.

~ Rafting 

~ Cafe The Office It is in the Ram jhula market of Rishikesh, though its not a big cafe but you get delicious fruitsamosas here!

~Raasta Cafe, Nirvana cafe, and other numerous cafes in Tapovan

~ Visit Neelkanth as it just takes some 1-2 hours to reach there and you can return same day to your cottage!

~ Trek to Neergarh waterfall.

Enjoy the pictures 🙂


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