VH1 Supersonic 2017- The LEGEND-ARY experience.

For Music lovers all across the country, VH1 Supersonic brings together the music that will change your life. You will not be the same self again, and you will know how it helped you evolve and see things differently. My first Supersonic was in Goa, 2013. It was THE DAY I heard Above&Beyond live. How to explain.. It’s like falling into the black hole, the more you fall the more you know you are in there. And it’s a whole new world of beats, rhythm, melody, and lyrics. It’s amazing how it talks to you without words and gestures.

Vh1 Supersonic 2017 came up with everything we could have asked. The artist line-up made it hard for us to decide, we couldn’t actually. so we had to stage hog to not miss on anything. It was 3 days of the Mad world.

The 3-day lineup had more than 40 artists play in a row. From Sonic Realm to Spectrum to Labortoire, the array of energy people shared for the love of music was unbelievable. There were alternative sub-genres of the sound like Techno, Bass, Trance and Future House, all at one place.

Eric Prydz was the first reason we were there. The reason we lived in our office, saved money and flew to Pune. It was not by chance but an effort we all made. Worth it? One of the rarest best decisions I have made in my life. Rightly said, “It will transform the way you listen to and understand dance music”.

From all dance music followers, we owe it big time to Nikhil and Pearl. They have introduced new dimensions of music to India. Thank you for all positive energy.


Here is a glimpse of my personal favorite 5 sets:

  1. Eric Prydz



2. Joris Voorn


3. Secret Cinema



4. Pearl



5. Boris Brejcha



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